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DIY Surfboards

Holywell Bay Longboard DIY Wooden Surfboard Kit. 8'4, 22", 70 Litre

Holywell Bay Longboard DIY Wooden Surfboard Kit. 8'4, 22", 70 Litre

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Create your very own Sustainable Holywell Bay Surfboard from our easy to build DIY wooden surfboard kit.

The Holywell Bay longboard is a great all-rounder for most surf conditions in the 1' - 6' wave range, if you're ready to enjoy long cruise rides or this is your first longboard the Holywell bay is perfect.

Holywell Bay Longboard is is 8'4 (2580mm) tall, 22" (560mm) wide and displaces 70 Litres.

Finished weight is around 9-10 Kg.

The Holywell Bay Longboard is a easy to build board with great results.

Included in our kits:

StringerRibs and Rails required to make your board.

Free Rocker table, so your board stays true and straight in the build process.

Sustainable FSC, PEFC super lightweight certified Plywood is the future of sustainable surfing.

Build guide for free! We will guide you through all the steps needed to create your board.

What you need:

Deck Skin materials. We use 5.5mm FSC PLY, then cover with veneer or ECO-Fibreglass.

We don't include the skins as we would just be adding a handling and postage fee to things you can buy locally (saving the planet).

Fins, Plugs and layout. For this board we use a thruster (three) fin set up. However, we can offer you advice if you require something different, but there is a big choice. 

ECO-Fibre Glass to seal the board.

General tools, there is a list in the build guide.

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These Kits are made to order, so please allow up to 10 days + Delivery.

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